Chekhov’s Masha’s Masha

2015, HD video, 02:57

Chekhov’s Masha’s Masha is a performance-for-the-camera. I translate and read a short monologue by a character named Masha, in Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull.” The play is about actors, writers, theater, the torments of the creative process. It is a play imported from Russia it feels to be by extension about Russia. There are many different versions of “The Seagull” but this meta play is rarely staged as its subtitle suggests, as a comedy. I take up Masha’s monologue as a found text, interpreting it as a Russian, an American, an actress, a director, and a Masha.

video still
video still

Saigon Experimental Film Festival, 2019
The Woven Press Tale Feature
Masha Vlasova: I Don’t Think You Can See the Island Solo Show at Serial Box Projects, 2018
Summer Series New Filmmakers at Anthology Film Archives, 2016
Partners: Video Screening and Performance Night, Abrons Art Center, 2016
Video Snack V at Vox Populi Gallery, 2015
VIDEO MIXER at Greene Gallery, 2015