Masha Vlasova (born in Russia, lives & works in USA) is an interdisciplinary artist. Her guiding methodologies are close reading, rehearsal, and translation. Her works have been exhibited and screened at Smack Mellon, Anthology Archives, Abrons Arts Center, the Border Project Gallery in New York City, Vox Populi in Philadelphia, and Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University. She has been a recipient of the Alice Kimball Fellowship, the JUNCTURE Art and Human Rights Fellowship, Research Fellowship at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, and Fulbright Fellowship in Filmmaking. She’s an Assistant Professor of Art at Wofford College in South Carolina. 

She’s currently working on a series of short films about yard art and lawn sculpture.

long form

Monuments and Other Things that Change (2015, 72 min)
The Mothers (2012, 52 min)


Mr. Hutcherson and His Fantastic Cat Menagerie (in post-production, 12 min)
Ms. Kathie Hathaway’s Smile Face House (in production 10 min)
The Imaginary Kaleidoscope (2020, 11 min)
Her Type (2019, 4 min)
Frame Work (2017, 8 min)
I’m Saying it Because It’s True (2016, 4-channel video installation)
Chekhov’s Masha’s Masha (2015, 3 min)
Kitchen-Sink Sirk (2015, 14 min)


Here Lays that Steel-Driving Man
Squishy Lenin
Lenin Balancing
Samizdad Good-bye Lenin with commentary track
Three Songs About
Three Songs About: Postcard Series


Search Versus Re-Search: Recollections of Josef Albers at Yale (2016, 30 min)
Directed by Anoka Faruqee
Videography and production by Masha Vlasova

The Voice in the Drum by Richard K. Wolf: Book Trailer (2014, 3 min)
Videography by Richard K. Wolf

curatorial projects

Beyond Indexicality for Selects Series at Locate Arts (2020)
Screenings about monuments: Indiana University (2018), Plyspace (2019)
Women Filmmakers at the Intersection of Documentary, Video Art, and Avant Garde  in collaboration with Joshua Malitsky (2018)
video NOW NOW NOW in collaboration with Sarah Lasley (2018)
Shared Space Project in collaboration with Astri Snodgrass  (2016-now)

masha (dot) vlasova (at) yale (dot) aya (dot) edu
vlasovam (at) wofford (dot) edu