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‘Racist’ Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana

Stone Mountain Park, site of a Confederate monument, will close for day due to planned protests
Confederate monument in Downtown Winston-Salem to be removed in coming weeks

Revolutionary War statue, Confederate monument vandalized in Wilkesboro

UNC’s ‘Silent Sam’ Could Be Coming Back to Campus. Here’s What to Know

New Campus Home for Silent Sam

Pulled down in Tripura, Lenin to rise in Tamil Nadu

Open Call for Monument Proposal (NYC)

Artist Provokes Controversy over Confederate Monument on Denton Square

Ukraine tore down its Lenin Statues. The hard part is filling the space left behind

List of removed Baltimore Confederate monuments

Minecraft Lenin Statue Riles Russian Communists

Chattanooga group wants to build memorial for black man who was lynched

Call for Artists

Hungary is removing statue of philosopher György (Georg) Lukács – He was Marxist and Jewish

East Village’s quirky rooftop Lenin statue is removed

Ukraine Ban on Russian Symbols Fuels Fight Over National Identity

A Vladimir Lenin statue has been transformed into Darth Vader

Detroit’s Christopher Columbus statue vandalized

В Риге во дворе бывшего здания КГБ распяли статую Путина

Spain’s hologram protest: Thousands join virtual march in Madrid against new gag law

Renegade Edward Snowden Monument Erected (and Quickly Removed) in Brooklyn Park

Памятник “Эркиндик” валяется на складе УКС мэрии Бишкека

В Петербурге разрушен памятник жертвам политических репрессий

Памятник белорусской сгущенке установили в Рогачеве

The Berlin Wall in the cold war and now – interactive

Help bury LENIN?!

Мозаика на стенах бишкекских домов

Map of all Lenin Statues Toppled in Ukraine